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hello hello; ([personal profile] zombieproof) wrote in [community profile] herbskillz2017-06-29 04:41 pm

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Hey guys! So I'm sure some of you have noticed that all of my icons have suddenly disappeared! Unfortunately, Photobucket has decided that they value money more than they value being an accessible image hosting service SO I am going to be looking into taking my icons elsewhere.

Imgur.com is probably the obvious choice, but I really liked Photobucket's interface in all the icons grouped on one page with easy URLs, plus leaving the image file name the same is a big deal for me, as I've been saving my icons a certain way for years to make it easier for people to remember who made them.

If anyone knows of any similar image hosting services like PB but that won't try to charge me 400 dollars a year just to externally link images, let me know! And icons will be back up once I find a place I am happy with!

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