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. h e r b    s k i l l z .
Welcome to Herb Skillz, Icons by Varis!

This is the icon journal for [personal profile] zombieproof/[ profile] offensive! No doubt you've stumbled here looking for pretty graphics or icons, and you'll find that here, sure enough.

The current layout is featuring her Shepard, Zoƫ.

Why the name "herbskillz?
When Varis had had way too much caffeine one night while playing Resident Evil Zero, she started yelling something or other about her "mad herb skillz." Contrary to what some people have thought, it has nothing to do with MMORPGs. It's Resident Evil.

o t h e r ;

[x] Please credit herbskillz (either here or LJ, the community name is the same though the LJ one is no longer updated), [personal profile] zombieproof or [ profile] offensive in either your user info, or your icon keywords. I can't hunt people who don't down, but I ask you do it so other people can find my icons!
[x] Comments aren't required, but it'd be nice to know my work is appreciated :)
[x] Spread the love~! I always love seeing new people coming to the journal.
[x] Don't direct link to my icons! If you REALLY need to display them somewhere that isn't directly in your lj images, please PLEASE upload them to your own server. I pay for my photobucket account, which, while it means I don't have a bandwidth limit, it also means that if people are yoinking my icons, it puts pressure on their servers. I no longer pay for my photobucket, so if you steal my bandwidth, you're making it so people can't see my icons.

I have/do use stuff from the following:

[info]serendipitysho[info]probot[info]teh_indy[info]hecatesknickers[info]katemonkey[info]inxsomniax[info]calixa[info]kimberly_a[info]___xyourmistake[info]wednesday_icons[info]calasolitude[info]icons_with_love[info]fuzzy[info]wickedripeplum[info]saihara[info]september_icons[info]my_wonderful[info]ashke_icons[info]10000_pixels[info]magdalenaicons[info]immoral @ [info]icontemplation[info]adoraheatherly[info]cdg_brushes[info]colortone[info]mharicons[info]minttea[info]dj43[info]_joni[info]___candyrain[info]dearest[info]fuzzy[info]i_consent[info]firaga[info]rough_draft___[info]ewanism[info]_hakanaidreams[info]colorfilter[info]77words[info]amethystia100[info]xonlyashesx[info]tove_91[info]erniemay[info]pixelfun[info]risha_art[info]lasirius[info]piemin[info]x_momolicious_x[info]cielo_icons[info]fauxhawkk[info]xgraphicjunkie[info]expose42[info]cooloring[info]villa_femme[info]xeludes[info]infinite_muse[info]kyoshitsu[info]rose_de_sangre[info]ellaangelus.


There are probably more, and this is obviously subject to change. I mean to leave none of you out, and I <3 you all for being more talented with brushes than me.


[x]Kingdom Hearts 2 Trailer
[x]Final Fantasy [x]
[x]Resident Evil
Firefly [x]
[x]Harry Potter
Star Wars [x]
Supernatural [x]
Doctor Who [x][x]

Please note. All things with [x] before them, I have mostly done the caps myself. Eventually they may get uploaded, but they may not. otherwise things with the x after the title I have provided links to where I originally found the caps, as I'm not the one who made them. This is by no means a complete work, but I'm working on it.

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