Jan. 12th, 2014

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[x]43 anna
[x]o2 anna/hans
[x]61 elsa
[x]o8 hans
[x]o1 kristoff
[x]o5 anna & elsa


let it go; )
comment; I don't require it, but I do like to know when people are taking my icons, and it's nice to hear feedback as well.

credit; please remember to credit either [livejournal.com profile] offensive/[personal profile] zombieproof or [community profile] herbskillz. If you've credited "orphen" on livejournal in the past, please try to change your tags, as someone else now has that name. If you need an example as to how to credit, I've made this very simple image demonstration

hotlinking; please don't do it. The photobucket I use is no longer paid for due to the number of people hotlinking, so if you hotlink, eventually no one will be able to see my icons.

textless icons; aren't bases. Please don't take them and alter them in any way shape or form. Even icons that you think I haven't done any editing to, I have, and there are hundreds of base communities out on the internet for you to use.

yours truly; i may not comment to every reply on this journal, granted I rarely reply because I'm a bit of a flake, but I promise, every single comment I receive is read and appreciated.

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