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[x]o1 gertrude yorkes
[x]o1 chase stein/gertrude yorkes
---o73 X-MEN [Various series/Arcs]
[x]o2 bobby drake [[iceman]]
[x]o5 emma frost [[the white queen]]
[x]o1 remy, rachel, kitty, bobby & x-23
[x]o2 jay guthrie [[icarus]]
[x]o1 kevin ford [[wither]
[x]o1 laurie collins [[wallflower]]
[x]o6 noriko ashida [[surge]]
[x]22 rachel grey [[marvel girl iii]]
[x]o2 rachel & betsy
[x]o1 rachel/bobby
[x]o1 rachel, kitty & x-23
[x]o1 rachel & scott
[x]o1 rachel & alex
[x]o2 ororo munroe [[storm]]
[x]o4 five-in-one/three-in-one/celeste, esme, mindee, phoebe, and sophie cuckoo.
[x]o1 scott/emma
[x]13 jean grey-summers [[phoenix]]
[x]o1 scott/jean
[x]o1 scott summers [[cyclops]]
[x]o1 kitty/piotr
[x]o4 katherine pryde [[shadowcat]]
[x]17 abigail whistler

two am and i'm still awake writing a song; )

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blahblahblah i have nothing interesting to say so onto the icons~

under the cut you will find:

---1 FF7
[x]1 aerith
---1 FF8
[x]1 ellone
---10 FFX(-2)
[x]1 rikku
[x]1 auron
[x]1 seyuna
[x]1 nooj
[x]1 lenne
[x]1 shenne
[x]4 yuna
---3 Kingdom Hearts
[x]1 sora
[x]1 kairi
[x]1 wakka
[x]1 hannibal king
[x]15 abigail whistler*
[x]7 abe natsumi
[x]1 gillian chungxizuki hisato
[x]1 onitsuka chihiro
[x]11 keira knightley
[x]3 colleen haskell
[x]4 michelle rodriguez
[x]6 chiaki kuriyama
[x]1 ville valo
[x]1 jussi
[x]1 hayden christensen
[x]1 padme
[x]1 anakin/padme
[x]2 anakin
[x]-'red ex' icon**

(stars indicate special notes at the bottom regarding these icons. please read.)

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Batch of iconses for you~!

What you'll find beneath the cut:

--34 icons--
---9 Blade Trinity
[x]3 Hannibal King
[x]2 Danica Talos
[x]3 Hannibal/Abby
[x]1 Abigail Whistler
---1 Final Fantasy 7
[x]1 ZackxCloud
---1 Final Fantasy 8
[x]1 Ellone
---4 Final Fantasy X
[x]1 Lulu
[x]1 Yuna
[x]1 Tidus/Yuna
[x]1 Lenne
---4 Kingdom Hearts 2
[x]1 Sora & Donald
[x]3 Sora
---14 Misc Actors/Singers
[x]1 Jet Li
[x]1 Jet Li/Penelope Cruz (Bahamut/Shiva over @ [livejournal.com profile] finalkingdom and [livejournal.com profile] _taintedblood
[x]3 Gillian Chung
[x]3 Gackt
[x]3 Ian Somerhaulder
[x]3 Carly Pope
---1 Stock Image
[x]1 Random Getty girl


the reckless way we dream to die )

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May. 9th, 2005 04:32 pm
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I haven't made Desktops in AGES, so I figured 'what the hell, may as well do some.' since I had a photomanip I did of Hanigail and so on...so yeah.

feel free to use, if you're gonna put it up on a site or whatever just make sure you credit me, as [livejournal.com profile] for_victory~!
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Just a quick, new obsession-related post.

Not to many, but I'm working on more. XD Under the cut you'll find:

[12] Blade Trinity
[x] 3 Abigail Whistler
[x] 5 Hannibal King
[x] 4 Hannibal/Abigail

the thirst always wins; )

You know the rules.
x Comment
x Credit
x Don't hotlink.

Peace out, yo ♥
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Well, this is way overdue, so here you go, TONS of icons this time around! 105, in fact, and one FO banner. Totally not dialup friendly.

Underneath this cut You'll find:

+1 Terra

+ 1 Yazuu
+1 Loz

+2 Rinoa
+4 Quistis
+4 Squall
+1 Laguna
+1 Ellone

+2 Zidane/Dagger
+1 Monkey Wang
+3 Black Waltz #3
+1 Zidane


+2 Paine
+1 Shuin/Lenne
+10 Yuna
+14 Tidus/Yuna
+5 Tidus
+1 Braska
+1 Jecht
+1 Random FMV Lady
+1 Lenne
+1 Shuin/Yuna
+2 Al Bhed random stock

+4 Leon

+2 Baralai/Quistis

+7 Ayumi Hamasaki
+1 Shiina Ringo

+1 Chobits
+1 (???)

+1 Kagome
+1 Kikyou

{The Bouncer}
+3 Kaldea Orchid

+1 Cleao

+1 Phil
+1 Megara
+2 Hercules/Megara

{Resident Evil}
+5 Claire Redfield

{A Goofy Movie}
+4 Max

{Stock Images}
+6 icons

+2 Jessical Biel

{FO Banners}
+1 Ayumi

we'll stay here forever )


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