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Icon dump. Haven't updated with more than one fandom for a while, have I? XD;

[x]3 claire redfield
[x]2 steve burnside
[x]4 claire/steve
[x]5 leon/claire
[x]8 orphen
[x]9 maya misaki
[xx]oo4 FFVII
[x]3 cloud strife
[x]1 yazuu
[xx]o1o FFVIII
[x]2 rinoa heartilly
[x]4 fujin kazeno
[x]1 seifer/fujin
[x]2 squall leonhart
[x]1 squall/rinoa
[xx]oo1 FFIX
[x]1 garnet til alexandros
[xx]oo7 FFX
[x]3 tidus/yuna
[x]1 yuna
[x]1 tidus
[x]2 seymour/yuna
[x]4 leon
[x]1 leon/rinoa
[x]1 megara

when he's calling for you; )

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Comment - Not required, but I do love to know my work is appreciated. Even if I don't always comment back, I read every comment ;)
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check my resources in my userinfo before asking questions.- Chances are good those are pretty up-to-date.


Aug. 1st, 2005 01:13 am
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total icons: 36

Final Fantasy
---Final Fantasy VI
[x]1 terra
---Final Fantasy VII
[x]1 aerith
---Final Fantasy VIII
[x]3 rinoa
[x]1 quistis
[x]1 fujin
---Final Fantasy IX
[x]1 zidane
---Final Fantasy X/-2
[x]7 yuna
[x]1 paine
[x]1 gippal
[x]1 gippaine
[x]1 shuin
[x]1 shenne
[x]2 lenne
[x]1 shuna
[x]1 braska
[x]1 tromell
---Kingdom Hearts
[x]1 leon
[x]1 lerith
[x]1 aerith

[x]1 inuart

Chrono Cross
[x]2 harle

[x]1 simon
[x]1 kaylee
[x]2 inara

Harry Potter
[x]1 hufflepuff

and the faeries cried for me )

+Comments aren't required, but I love them.
+Credit either [livejournal.com profile] gunneralchemist or [livejournal.com profile] for_victory in your icon comments or keywords. or I'll be sad.
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+share the love.
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What's this? Another icon post already? Well. I've sort of been UBER!Motivated the past dayish. and...made a few icons that I just want up RIGHT away. so here you go.

+7 Aerith

+1 Quistis
+1 Rinoa
+1 Squall/Rinoa

+4 Yuna

+1 Leon

we're not safe yet )

+Credit either [livejournal.com profile] ranger_girl or [livejournal.com profile] for_victory (or both, I don't care. XD)
+No stealing my Bandwidth!
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Well, this is way overdue, so here you go, TONS of icons this time around! 105, in fact, and one FO banner. Totally not dialup friendly.

Underneath this cut You'll find:

+1 Terra

+ 1 Yazuu
+1 Loz

+2 Rinoa
+4 Quistis
+4 Squall
+1 Laguna
+1 Ellone

+2 Zidane/Dagger
+1 Monkey Wang
+3 Black Waltz #3
+1 Zidane


+2 Paine
+1 Shuin/Lenne
+10 Yuna
+14 Tidus/Yuna
+5 Tidus
+1 Braska
+1 Jecht
+1 Random FMV Lady
+1 Lenne
+1 Shuin/Yuna
+2 Al Bhed random stock

+4 Leon

+2 Baralai/Quistis

+7 Ayumi Hamasaki
+1 Shiina Ringo

+1 Chobits
+1 (???)

+1 Kagome
+1 Kikyou

{The Bouncer}
+3 Kaldea Orchid

+1 Cleao

+1 Phil
+1 Megara
+2 Hercules/Megara

{Resident Evil}
+5 Claire Redfield

{A Goofy Movie}
+4 Max

{Stock Images}
+6 icons

+2 Jessical Biel

{FO Banners}
+1 Ayumi

we'll stay here forever )


+Don't steal my Bandwidth
+Share! <3
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Okay everyone, I haven't updated in a while, and for a change of pace, I have here for you several Final Fantasy icons! Mostly X and X-2, but there are some VIII and IX. And Advent Children a bit too. But those are kind of old.

What You'll find under this cut-

+37 FF-rific icons.

+2 Cloud

+1 RinoaxSquall
+5 Fujin
+1 FujinxSeifer
+1 Irvine

+2 Garnet

+15 Yuna
+1 YRP
+1 Tidus
+1 Kimahri and Yuna (Not KimahrixYuna kthx.)
+3 YunaxTidus
+2 Kimahri
+2 Nooj

And a Thousand Words, have never been spoken )
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So, since I haven't posted any icons for AGES and they've just been building up in my folders, I figured I'd do a post. It's about time, eh? 8D I've just been way busy with school and [livejournal.com profile] _foreverfantasy and [livejournal.com profile] _kingdomcome and more school. So yeah. I have icons now though! So... On to those!

I'm also going to split this up into non-contest icons and contest icons, just for easier referance on my account.

Now.. to the icons! there are 49 of them all together.

Under this cut you'll find:

2 FF7
+ 2 Rufus

10 FF8
+5 Rinoa
+2 Quistis
+2 Squall
+1 SquallxRinoa

12 FF9
+5 Garnet/Dagger
+1 Beatrix X Steiner
+4 Zidane
+1 Black Waltz #3
+1 ZidanexDagger

+1 ShuinxYuna
+1 Seymour
+4 Tidus
+2 Yuna
+1 TidusxYuna

Non-Contest Icons )

Under this cut you will find:

+1 CloudxVincent

+1 Fujin
+2 SquallxRinoa

+1 Queen Brahne

+1 Paine
+1 Shuin
+1 ShuinxYuna
+1 Lenne
+1 Yuna
+1 YunaxTidus

+2 Pannelo

Contest Icons )

Icon Info )

Rules as applies

+Comment if taking
+Credit in Keywords or userinfo
+Don't Hotlink. Its not cool
+Share! =D
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Okay, smaller icon post. A few contest icons, and then a few random drabbly icons!

+1 FF6
+1 FF8
+2 FF9
+3 FF10

+2 J-pop/J-rock idols

+1 The Soultaker
+1 Princess Tutu


Take me to where oleander grows; )

Rules are the usual!

+No hotlinking!

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