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Just one wallpaper that I threw together for a change on my desktop. Not the best I've ever made, but it serves the purpose I made it for.

The words on it are lyrics from the song Set The Story Straight by Tom McRae, which has sort of become a Claire/Peter song for me. :3

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It occured to me I said this would be in my next icon post. Well, I forgot to add it in there, so here it is. XD

[1024x768] [800x600]

If you're gonna slap it up somewhere, I'd appreciate a credit back to here. Additionally, comments if you take it would be fab, but not required. XD;
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2 Skate and 1 Jate wallpaper.

Just a bit of a note? I don't ship Jate. I just love that photoshoot.

please rescue me; )

Comment - Not required, but I do love to know my work is appreciated. Even if I don't always comment back, I read every comment ;)
don't steal bandwidth- I'd rather you not steal my icons either, but if you feel the need, don't post them elsewhere using my photobucket. It's been acting up lately.
check my resources in my userinfo before asking questions.- Chances are good those are pretty up-to-date.
Please don't post these anywhere new without my permission- I did work hard on these, and while I totally encourage people using them, and it's likely I'll say okay if someone wants to post them up on a fansite, please ask me first.

Additionally, most of the textures used for these wallpapers are from Carton (although the red strip is from [livejournal.com profile] gender, I believe.)
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1 Evangeline Lilly wallpaper 1024x768


May. 9th, 2005 04:32 pm
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I haven't made Desktops in AGES, so I figured 'what the hell, may as well do some.' since I had a photomanip I did of Hanigail and so on...so yeah.

feel free to use, if you're gonna put it up on a site or whatever just make sure you credit me, as [livejournal.com profile] for_victory~!

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