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Icon dump. Haven't updated with more than one fandom for a while, have I? XD;

[x]3 claire redfield
[x]2 steve burnside
[x]4 claire/steve
[x]5 leon/claire
[x]8 orphen
[x]9 maya misaki
[xx]oo4 FFVII
[x]3 cloud strife
[x]1 yazuu
[xx]o1o FFVIII
[x]2 rinoa heartilly
[x]4 fujin kazeno
[x]1 seifer/fujin
[x]2 squall leonhart
[x]1 squall/rinoa
[xx]oo1 FFIX
[x]1 garnet til alexandros
[xx]oo7 FFX
[x]3 tidus/yuna
[x]1 yuna
[x]1 tidus
[x]2 seymour/yuna
[x]4 leon
[x]1 leon/rinoa
[x]1 megara

when he's calling for you; )

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Comment - Not required, but I do love to know my work is appreciated. Even if I don't always comment back, I read every comment ;)
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Aug. 1st, 2005 01:13 am
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total icons: 36

Final Fantasy
---Final Fantasy VI
[x]1 terra
---Final Fantasy VII
[x]1 aerith
---Final Fantasy VIII
[x]3 rinoa
[x]1 quistis
[x]1 fujin
---Final Fantasy IX
[x]1 zidane
---Final Fantasy X/-2
[x]7 yuna
[x]1 paine
[x]1 gippal
[x]1 gippaine
[x]1 shuin
[x]1 shenne
[x]2 lenne
[x]1 shuna
[x]1 braska
[x]1 tromell
---Kingdom Hearts
[x]1 leon
[x]1 lerith
[x]1 aerith

[x]1 inuart

Chrono Cross
[x]2 harle

[x]1 simon
[x]1 kaylee
[x]2 inara

Harry Potter
[x]1 hufflepuff

and the faeries cried for me )

+Comments aren't required, but I love them.
+Credit either [livejournal.com profile] gunneralchemist or [livejournal.com profile] for_victory in your icon comments or keywords. or I'll be sad.
+Don't steal my bandwidth.
+share the love.
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Sooo. Updatage. I didn't do a whole lot of icons this week. Been kind of preoccupied with replaying FFX, and I've also been working on a new RP of mine [livejournal.com profile] _foreverfantasy (Yes. This is a shameless plug. Final Fantasy! Rp! Join!), so yeah. Icons are some new ones, some requests that I've been too lazy to upload until now, and some stuff from past challenges at [livejournal.com profile] icon_spark as well as things from lost contests. u_U

Under this cut you will find:

+6 Hermione
+2 R/Hr
+1 Ron

Harry Potter )

Under this cut you will find:

+2 Fujin

+2 Tidus/Yuna
+1 Shuin/Lenne
+3 Lenne
+1 Yuna

Final Fantasy )

Under this cut you will find:

+1 Han Solo
+2 Princess Leia

Star Wars )

Under this cut you will find:

+1 Wash
+1 Mal
+4 Jayne
+4 Inara
+2 Inara and Kaylee
+1 River
+1 Simon

Firefly )

+6 Illiyra/Fred
+1 Giles
+1 Dawn

Buffy/Angel )

Under this cut you will find:

+1 Kill Bill (Beatrix Kiddo)
+1 POTC (Elizabeth Swann)
+2 Hercules (Megara)
+1 Nickleback
+2 Drakenguard (Caim and That other guy.)
+1 Inuyasha (Miroku)
+2 Celebs (Adrian Brody and Rose Buryne)
+1 Cheese. Yes. Cheese.

Misc. Fandoms )

Information about the icons )

Remember, rules.
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Okay everyone, I haven't updated in a while, and for a change of pace, I have here for you several Final Fantasy icons! Mostly X and X-2, but there are some VIII and IX. And Advent Children a bit too. But those are kind of old.

What You'll find under this cut-

+37 FF-rific icons.

+2 Cloud

+1 RinoaxSquall
+5 Fujin
+1 FujinxSeifer
+1 Irvine

+2 Garnet

+15 Yuna
+1 YRP
+1 Tidus
+1 Kimahri and Yuna (Not KimahrixYuna kthx.)
+3 YunaxTidus
+2 Kimahri
+2 Nooj

And a Thousand Words, have never been spoken )
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More FF, a touch more variety this time. Quite a few less, however. Again though, mostly FFX-2. Because I'm such a whore for the game. XD

What you'll find under the cut:

+1 Cloud
+1 CloudxAerith
+1 Marlene

+1 Fujin

+1 LennexShuin
+1 Lenne
+7 ShuinxYuna
+2 TidusxYuna

Remember the Rules! )

Credit can be found in the Userinfo, and remember, Comment, Credit, Share!

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